Social Media Campaign for Disney’s Cruella

Kim Carabis
5 min readApr 23, 2021


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The goals of this campaign are to increase Disney Plus subscribers, increase purchases of premier access on Disney Plus, and increase engagement on Instagram. The pre-event will post short teasers from the film and post Instagram stories of segments from the original movie and create memes from the screen caps of the original movie as well. The goal of the pre-event is to tease what’s to come and give information about where to watch the movie. When posting on Instagram, the posts will have information of where to watch in the post caption and stories will have that information as well.

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The pre-event will also focus on increasing purchases of Disney Plus premier access. The pre-event will offer a discount on the yearly subscription if the user purchases Cruella on Premier Access; this offer will be available for one month (one month before the release of the movie). Disney Plus is increasing their yearly subscription to $13/month; the discount will offer the yearly subscription at $8/month. To entice users to purchase premier access, it will exclusively offer deleted scenes, bloopers, and interviews. Similar to owning a DVD, users who purchase premier access with the subscription will have Cruella permanently downloaded to their Disney Plus account.

During the event, there will be Instagram story polls of how users will be watching, in theatres or Premier Access. There will also be a countdown calendar until the release of the movie that followers can also add to their Instagram accounts. Once the movie is released, there will be Instagram stories of the actors attending the premier; the main character actors will also give quick little interviews of their excitement for the movie.

Post-event will focus on reminding followers that Cruella is still available to watch. The Disney Plus Instagram account will post scenes from the movie with a caption asking followers what their favorite scenes are for engagement. The discount will run again for a few extra days in case some people miss out on the offer; the Instagram story will have the swipe up feature that will take users to the Disney Plus website to access the discount.


S — Specific

  • Increase yearly subscribers
  • Increase purchases of premier access on Disney Plus
  • Increase engagement on Instagram

M — Measurable

  • Measure the number of Disney Plus subscribers before the pre-event and after the post-event
  • How many users purchased premier access and how many signed up for the yearly subscription
  • How many used the ‘swipe up’ feature on Instagram stories
  • Number of box office tickets

A — Attainable

  • Acquire new followers on Disney Plus (5K minimum)
  • New subscribers
  • Premier access purchases

R — Realistic/Relevant

  • Better performance and increase profits for Disney Plus
  • Increase engagement with target audience
  • Create more engaging content for Instagram followers

T — Time-Based

  • Announce subscription discount with the announcement of Cruella on premier access
  • Subscription discount is available for one month during the pre-event and three days following the post-event

For this social media campaign, the ideal platform to be used is Instagram. Instagram is the easiest platform the make different types of engaging content, which is one of the goals set for the campaign. The Instagram accounts utilized for this campaign, Disneyplus and Disney, have millions of followers and reaches a broad audience. The target market on Instagram is a younger audience (both Gen Z and Millennial specifically) and those who saw the original movie; Disney tends to have an audience of all ages.

Disney is well known for keeping the magic and ‘performing in the show;’ that should be consistent throughput their voice on social media. Cruella is one of the classic Disney villains and the voice behind this campaign should fit accordingly. Using words like ‘trouble,’ ‘evil,’ ‘mistress of evil,’ and ‘devil,’ all fit with the aesthetic of the movie and the character. While these keywords should be present in post captions and story posts, information about where to watch the movie is also important to include. Disney is also well known for its level of customer service and that should also be present when responding to comments/concerns and reposts from followers. Excellent customer service is important to the social media experience because the audience wants to be heard and know that Disney cares about what they have to say. The hashtags that will be used for this campaign will include: #Cruella, #DisneyPlus, #Premier, #CruellaDeVil, and #TroubleIsComing.

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Although Disney is such a large company, having partnerships and influencer relationships for this campaign would bring in a broader audience. An excellent partnership for Cruella would be a partnership with Colourpop Cosmetics. Disney and Colourpop have a great relationship as they have collaborated before. Colourpop Cosmetics currently has ten million followers on Instagram. The target audience between the two companies tends to be the same because whenever there is a collaboration between Disney and Colourpop, the products are extremely popular and tend to sell out and have restocks after being sold out. Both companies have an audience that loves both Disney and makeup. Since Cruella also is seen in the movie as having lavish makeup and fashion, this partnership also fits with the aesthetic of the movie. Colourpop would also launch their own social media campaign with the makeup products but also have information/posts about the movie and where to watch it as well. Not only would Disney have a social media campaign for their Instagram accounts, but also a campaign from Colourpop that advertises their movie.

Content Examples

Instagram photo post:

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Caption: Feeling perfectly wretched is what Cruella is perfectly evil at. Catch her making trouble May 28th on Disney Plus Premier Access. #TroubleIsComing #DisneyPlus #CruellaDeVil

Post 2: Instagram Story Poll

Post 3: Instagram photo post

Caption: Have you gotten into trouble with Cruella yet? #TroubleIsHere. Check out our website for more information on our yearly subscription discount — only available until June 5th. #DisneyPlus #CruellaDeVil